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Jane's Joyride was founded in 2021 by Jane and Robert Cabes of Houston, Texas. Robert and Jane started the organization as a response to Jane’s late stage ovarian cancer diagnosis in March 2020. While the disease presented life-altering challenges to her and her family, Jane was fortunate to live in the same city as MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the country’s best cancer hospitals.

Jane was proud to participate in the hospital’s ground-breaking research and innovative clinical care through an early-stage immunotherapy trial.

Once diagnosed, Jane jumped into action and educated herself about various treatment options, clinical trials, nutrition and lifestyle, complementary therapies. She was fearless in the face of her disease.


Over time, Jane realized that one of the best ways to fight her disease was to prioritize a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle, and positive outlook.

Jane's Joyride was established to provide a platform to share Jane’s discoveries with others and to promote Jane's philosophy that long-term health requires caring for the entire self—mind, body, and soul. 

Though Jane passed in December of 2022, her legacy and life’s mission live on through her friends, family, and the important work of Jane’s Joyride.

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