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Jane's Joyride was founded in 2021 by Jane and Robert Cabes of Houston, Texas. Robert and Jane started the organization as a response to Jane’s late stage ovarian cancer diagnosis in March 2020. While the disease presented life-altering challenges to her and her family, Jane was fortunate to live in the same city as MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the country’s best cancer hospitals.

Jane was proud to participate in the hospital’s ground-breaking research and innovative clinical care through an early-stage immunotherapy trial.

Once diagnosed, Jane jumped into action and educated herself about various treatment options, clinical trials, nutrition and lifestyle, complementary therapies. She was fearless in the face of her disease.

Over time, Jane realized that one of the best ways to fight her disease was to prioritize a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle, and positive outlook.

Jane's Joyride was established to provide a platform to share Jane’s discoveries with others and to promote Jane's philosophy that long-term health requires caring for the entire self—mind, body, and soul. 

Though Jane passed in December of 2022, her legacy and life’s mission live on through her friends, family, and the important work of Jane’s Joyride.


Jane’s Joyride is agrant-based charitable organization which supports education, fundsresearch, and raises awareness in the pursuit of long-term healthy living.


Gift Recipients: Since inception, Jane’s Joyride has invested approximately $300,000 towards groundbreaking cancer research efforts at MD Anderson Cancer Center and promoting long-term healthy living by treating the whole self.  

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  • Fall 2021 Amount: $15,000 Fund: General; Appeal: Jane’s Joyride Boot Walk Team

  • Spring 2021 Amount: $65,000 Fund: Pilot study identifying chemo-resistant cells for recurrent disease in ovarian cancer​​ study led by Dr. Amir Jazaeri

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  • Spring 2022 Amount: $10,000 Fund: Plant-based diet study led by Dr. Anil Sood

  • Fall 2022 Amount: $50,000 Fund: Lab equipment 

  • September 2022 Amount: $27,500 Fund: Ovarian microbiome study led by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen

  • Spring 2023: Amount: $30,000 Fund: Lifestyle Clinical Trial led by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, Dr. Lois Ramondetta, and in partnership with Dr. Nadim Ajami Appeal: Donations in memory of Jane Cabes 

  • Fall 2023: Amount: $60,000 Fund: Lifestyle Clinical Trial led by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, Dr. Lois Ramondetta, and in partnership with Dr. Nadim Ajami

Cabes Cancer Research & Awareness Fund

  • 2021 & 2022 Amount: $55,000 Fund: General

Small Steps Nurturing Center

  • Spring 2023 Amount: $2,500 Fund: SET (Social Emotional Tools) For Life© Program

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Events & Programs: Jane’s Joyride has established programs to educate and provide ongoing opportunities for communities to invest in their health and regularly participates in fundraising opportunities with organizations with like-minded missions. 

Annual Transform Your Life & Health Breakfast

  • Guest speaker: Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D. - September 2022

  • Guest speaker: Nadim J. Ajami, Ph.D. - September 2023

Spring Cooking Class

  • Cooking class hosted by Marcia Smart - April 2023 

Gardening Project

  • Established program to plant vegetable gardens in lower income neighborhoods to promote nutritional awareness and healthy eating habits (ongoing)

Blood Drive

  • Co-sponsored 40 person blood drive at Episcopal High School - September 2022 

AJ’s Walk for Ovarian Cancer:

  • Fun Run and Walk in Central Park NYC - October 2022 

Jane’s Joyride Juice: 

  • Green Fork donates a portion of gross proceeds from Jane’s Joyride Juice sales to MD Anderson Cancer Center (ongoing)



Robert Cabes, President

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Elizabeth Cromack

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Ryan Herz

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